WTS Rorq + Hel Pilot (58.1m SP)

(Logistix 2257) #1

Selling myself: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Logistix_2257
pw: 1234

Immediate buyout: 63b

I am a perfect rorq and krabbing hel pilot. I also come with HG Ascendencies 1-5 and MG Omega. There are a few hel skins as well.

Required info:
-Positive wallet
-Located in Jita
-No kill rights
-NPC corp
-Transfer to be done via plex

Please make me an offer.

-Capital Industrial Ships V
-Mining Drone Spec V
-T2 Light/Medium/Heavy Drones
-Fighters V
-Heavy Fighters V
-Fighter Hangar Mgmt V
-Minmatar Carrier V
-Capital Ships V
-Cybernetics V

(Zorin Firestone) #2

40 Bil ready

(RR Enat) #3


(Spector121) #4

buy out?

(Spector121) #5

currently online

(RR Enat) #6

yes , if you want ,i can transfer money now

(Spector121) #9

Anyway 55 bil bid

(Cole AndTheGang) #10


(Spector121) #11

57.5 b iskies

(Cole AndTheGang) #12

58 bill

(Logistix 2257) #13

Auction will end at DT on 24 Dec (~1.5 days from now).

(Spector121) #14

58.5 iskies

(Logistix 2257) #15

63b buyout for this pve monster

(Spector121) #16

I recind my offer

(Cole AndTheGang) #17

60 bill

(Logistix 2257) #18

Bid accepted. Send isk and account details.

(Cole AndTheGang) #19

Offer retracted, my apologies for the inconvenience.

(Lily Collins Collins) #20

With all due respect, it seems that your character link is now invalid

(Logistix 2257) #21

Works for me. Due to buyer backing out, back on the market.

(Lily Collins Collins) #22

My apologizes. I am new to this and didn’t notice the password. Sorry.