WTS Rorq + Hel Pilot (58.1m SP)

Selling myself: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Logistix_2257
pw: 1234

Immediate buyout: 63b

I am a perfect rorq and krabbing hel pilot. I also come with HG Ascendencies 1-5 and MG Omega. There are a few hel skins as well.

Required info:
-Positive wallet
-Located in Jita
-No kill rights
-NPC corp
-Transfer to be done via plex

Please make me an offer.

-Capital Industrial Ships V
-Mining Drone Spec V
-T2 Light/Medium/Heavy Drones
-Fighters V
-Heavy Fighters V
-Fighter Hangar Mgmt V
-Minmatar Carrier V
-Capital Ships V
-Cybernetics V

40 Bil ready


buy out?

currently online

yes , if you want ,i can transfer money now

Anyway 55 bil bid


57.5 b iskies

58 bill

Auction will end at DT on 24 Dec (~1.5 days from now).

58.5 iskies

63b buyout for this pve monster

I recind my offer

60 bill

Bid accepted. Send isk and account details.

Offer retracted, my apologies for the inconvenience.

With all due respect, it seems that your character link is now invalid

Works for me. Due to buyer backing out, back on the market.

My apologizes. I am new to this and didn’t notice the password. Sorry.