[SOLD] WTS 74m Hel + Rorq + JF & industry pilot


Min Carrier V
Fighters V

Can fly: Hel, Rorq, Ark

Can rat in Ishtar and Praxis (Cruise V)

Great industry and research skills + PI V

934,014 unallocated skill points.

With this char you can make lots of ISK in many ways.

Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
Current and only clone full Nirvana set
Located in Jita 4-4

San Migel 42.5B

Sorry bought another char

Interesting offer will consider it if no one bids but I’m looking for slightly more.

Bump still for sale, I can make you rich.

42b bo

45b and we have a deal.

My offer is still good!

Make it 43b and we’re good.

Done, I’m sending the ISK and account info now.

Received - character transfer is done. Thank you and enjoy.

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