WTS a pure C-Fax starter 13.74M sp

in npc corp and ready for transfer, with positive wallet, positive sec status and in Jita IV-4.
high light:
remap bonus 2
13.74M SP

Triage Module skill at III
Caldari Carrier IV

Starting bid: 14b

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12b bid

sorry,sir,i can not do like this,i have to pay
Transfer cost

13b bid

I offer 13.5b , this bid is available in 24h.

i will accept the higher price until my excepted price

now,the highest price is 13B

8b isk

are y kidding me?

now,the highest price is 13B,and there is 24hours left,i will accept the highest price

24h is Running out,you are the owner of this,please give money to thebossli and with an e-mail for more details,THX

Still for sale?

14b dude Mail u I’d u think the offer is fair

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