Skill points at 22mil
Can fly T2 triage Apostle & Minokawa
No killrights
At a Highsec Station
Positive wallet

Starting Bid: 22b
Buyout: 30b

14bil offer
to much work for me to be even considered a fax alt if it had 6mil more sp dedicated to fax i wiould offer you 22bil

18 bil

Don’t forget the start bid is 22bil. If you hold the best price above the start for 1 day, I’ll accept the price and use cash transfer asap to make sure you get the character immediately.
Whatever, bump.


22B isk

Now the bid is 22b.
If it goes for another 10 hours, I’ii accept the price and prepare for the transfer.
Anyone else want this fax character?

23 bil

23b accepted! Send isk and account you want it transfered to via eve mail and it will start as soon as its done.

ISK and account have been sent

Isk and mail recieved.
Transfer has started.

thx,have good day

I just saw that.
If I had known in advance, I would have offered a higher price

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