Wts abyssal 18km web



Bump! Common, i know there’s some vindi/bhaal pilots that want some webs! Maybe even a Vanq pilot for that middle one. :slight_smile:


600m for the middle one.

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Too low, but thanks for the bump.

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bumping my offer up to 800m to go with my recent acquisition of an enchanted scram.

Still looking for higher… there’s nothing comparible to that middle one under 3b, and most are up on contract for closer to 5.

Not saying it’s worth 5+, but definitely not letting it go for 800… I will sell you the 3rd one for 700, or the 1st one for 400. though if that’s your price range (or 1b for both first and third)

you do realise the reason you see those still up is coz it’s at a price that no buyer is willing to take?

Right, which is why I said, I don’t necessarily think it’s worth 5b… but I know it’s worth more than 800m.


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No vindi/bhaal pilots looking for a good web? :slight_smile:

Both webs on the sides have been sold.

middle web still available and looking for a good offer!

Bump. 1.5b will take home that middle one today.

added in a new web, 18km

Bid 200mil for that web. Would have gone higher if it didn’t have such a bad strength roll

I know it’s a bad strength roll, but 200m is less than the cost of the roll itself. thanks for the bump.

Tell me what’s your minimum price then.

make it 1b and it’s yours