WTS Aeon in Caldari Low Sec (in space in quiet system)

Hi WTS Aeon and Venal Revelation Cache:

For queries, you can contact me on Aditia#7593.
Don’t bother asking me for location of Aeon, I’m keeping that secure until sale happens

Located in space in a quiet non-asset safety system. In range of Brave/v0lta fortizars.
Will require a 3rd party to complete the sale, I’m willing to use someone from v0lta senior leadership as the 3rd party. Since this is rare nowadays, let me explain 3rd party: You give isk to 3rd party broker, I give you aeon. When you are happy, broker gives me the ISK and sale is complete. If you are unhappy, you give the aeon back, and broker gives you the ISK back.

Im willing to look for alternate 3rd party broker if you are uncomfortable with v0lta leadership.
Any cost associated with 3rd party will be for me.

The major benefit of this over public keepstar/Asset safety is that you wont get hunted the second you buy the ship.

Asking price for Aeon:
-57B for the hull

Do NOT DM me to haggle over the price, please put offers into the thread.

57B is my current minimum, 60B b/o for the hull

Venal Revelation Cache:


58 for the cache

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I’ll take that offer. Contract to which toon?

Dai kyoko is fine.

Contract is up my friend

Dreads sold, Aeon still for sale

Aeon still available

60b for hull w fit

Aeon still for sale

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