WTS Ahremen’s Modified Mega Pulse Laser

post offers here or msg in game. min 20b


How much for the Multi?

Offer what you think, I see one for sale for 25b on market. I can do 20b min

Nah, I bought 2 for 5b/unit 2 months ago.

Okay, how about 5.5b then? Wasnt sure of price due to market…

I can do that

contract up


5.5 what a steal, id buy 20 off of you for that price…

F…o well. Buy orders in Jita for 3b mislead me. Lucky him then


How much for the sb sir?

still selling

Sell already?

still for sale

20 for set of 4 guns?

for 1, Jita sell price is 30m per gun