WTS All Around Starter [SOLD]


Wallet: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: None
Character Location: VIII Oris "Emperor Family Academy"
Implants: Genolutions and Projectile small / medium and bean counter.
Standing 5.0
NPC Standings: All are at an ok rate once social skills are trained back up.
Remap: 1 Available Now

Between already injected skillbooks and some of the level 5 core skills, this is a great character for sp farming or an alt for anything in the game.

B/O 3 bill

Bump Bump

Bump Bump


offer? the buyout is listed.

Bump Price down to 3 billion!


3B B/O if Digital Messiah confirms he is for sale

3.1B if fast trade is possible

3.2 B and he confirmed :slight_smile:

I am in fact for sale :slight_smile:

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3.3B if you change your mind =)

Awaiting response from Baskerville Conan otherwise taking highest offer.

Retracted. He found a better home

Accepted Lea Furious’s ingame bid of 3.96 billion. Thank you Baskerville Conan, sorry you did not win the bid.

Isk received beginning transfer.

“Target user is already involved in a character transfer.” Transfer will complete when error has resolved. Issuing a ticket now.

Character transfer confirmed. Thank you Lea Furious, enjoy your new capsuleer.

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