WTS All Around Starter [SOLD]

(Neutron Pixie) #1


Wallet: Positive
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: None
Character Location: VIII Oris "Emperor Family Academy"
Implants: Genolutions and Projectile small / medium and bean counter.
Standing 5.0
NPC Standings: All are at an ok rate once social skills are trained back up.
Remap: 1 Available Now

Between already injected skillbooks and some of the level 5 core skills, this is a great character for sp farming or an alt for anything in the game.

B/O 3 bill

(Neutron Pixie) #2

Bump Bump

(Neutron Pixie) #3

Bump Bump

(Zion Galaxy) #4


(Neutron Pixie) #5

offer? the buyout is listed.

(Neutron Pixie) #6

Bump Price down to 3 billion!

(Neutron Pixie) #7


(Baskerville Conan) #8

3B B/O if Digital Messiah confirms he is for sale

(Lea Furious) #9

3.1B if fast trade is possible

(Baskerville Conan) #10

3.2 B and he confirmed :slight_smile:

(Digital Messiah) #11

I am in fact for sale :slight_smile:

(Digital Messiah) #12


(Lea Furious) #13

3.3B if you change your mind =)

(Digital Messiah) #14

Awaiting response from Baskerville Conan otherwise taking highest offer.

(Baskerville Conan) #15

Retracted. He found a better home

(Digital Messiah) #16

Accepted Lea Furious’s ingame bid of 3.96 billion. Thank you Baskerville Conan, sorry you did not win the bid.

(Neutron Pixie) #17

Isk received beginning transfer.

(Neutron Pixie) #18

“Target user is already involved in a character transfer.” Transfer will complete when error has resolved. Issuing a ticket now.

(Neutron Pixie) #19

Character transfer confirmed. Thank you Lea Furious, enjoy your new capsuleer.

(system) #20

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