WTS All Titan Ready Sitter

(Jacqulin Momaki) #1


Titan sitter ready to go
Jump Skills and all ( JDC V, JPG IV)

Just inject the skill book for the required titan and you’re ready to roll…

-Clean Corp History
-No kill rights
-Positive Wallet
-Located in High Sec
-I will pay the transfer fee
-All CCP rules will be followed

Price = 10 Bil

Thanks for looking

(Claire Ijonen) #2

6 bil

(Metastatic Hyperplasia) #3

7 bil

(Pohds) #4

JDC 3 only, Bid at 7.5 bil

(Pohds) #5

online and isk ready @Jacqulin_Momaki do you accept?

(2V Pocket Miner) #6

Please do not lie. This is not a titan ready toon. It has JDC III (you claim V) and it has only cap ships 0, while Cap ships V is required to inject a titan book (therefor not "titan ready’)

(ISD Chanisa Nemes) #7

All characters need to be described accurately when making a sale post. I have confirmed this does not have the capital ships skill trained of which level V is required for a titan. I am closing this topic.

(ISD Chanisa Nemes) #8