WTS - 20 Mil SP Titan/Super Sitter & Jump Freighter Pilot -SOLD-

Hello Guys/Girls,

i have no need for this toon anymore so i wanna sell it.
Here Skillboard link --> https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Revan_Kaas

pw: 1234

  • Gallente Titan skill on 3
  • capital ships V
  • JDC V
  • JFC V
  • JDO V
  • Jump Portal IV
  • JF on IV ( for Amarr)

Starting Bid: 15B
BO: 20B

No Killrights/Implants etc.

12 bill


12.5 bill

Can you confirm with character being sold please? Also provide Character location?

The Character that is linked in the thread above will be sold … location is in highsec :slight_smile:

13 bill


14 bil





16 bil

Hey ty for that offers ! were now over my starting amount…Auction will end by the end of the week at the 05.07.2020. The highest offer winns.

16.5b offer

18B offer

20Bill Buyout.

isk ready to send.

Confirmed lets chat ingame

So Char Revan_Kaas is sold to Trolls Troll to the buyout bid of 20 Bil. Trolls pls Transfer the ISK to the Char “Revan Kaas”