[WTS] Alliance: AEGIS Assembly - Sold

After being away for almost 2 years I no longer have the time to dedicate to long term game play, so selling the alliance for 1.5B as is, with no structures or assets.

The intent was to start an indy focused alliance with ties to Faction Warfare, but due to real life and immigrating overseas I no longer have the time to play as regularly as I’d like.

If you want the alliance your corp can join and I’ll make it the executor, then I’ll leave the alliance. Normally takes somewhere in the region of a week to complete (I think).

Wouldn’t it make more sense for anyone to just make their own alliance? What am I missing here

Yeah, you could. It’s still going to cost 1B plus the skills needed. This way you don’t need to wait and can train the skills at your leisure.

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