Is It Worth Creating An Alliance?

I understand the financial costs of creating an alliance, but I’m not sure about the benefits. The biggest obstacle that I see is using 2,048,000 Skill Points to get to that point (skill-wise). Are there any tax breaks or is it all about paying fees?


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I am addressing this part of your query.

There used to be a small number of players offering this service in game. Prices varied. But it was an offered service, alliance creation, I suspect for the very reason you point out, skill point cost.

Anyhow, before you commit the skill points, I’d do some serious searching and see if you can find a reliable existing service provider.

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Yes, I’ve seen that in the past. I’m just not sure what I would gain by creating an Alliance.


When forming an alliance, you want to bring together players who are consistently on and have been playing for ten plus years.



Is there ANY reason to have an Alliance for One Player™?

I’m being serious. Mostly interested in taxes and industry fees.

No. (5 chars needed)

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An alliance offers no mechanical gameplay mechanics.

Next question plz.

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An alliance is treated as a unit for war purposes. If a corporation belongs to an alliance, you must declare war on the alliance to go to war with that corporation. If an alliance declares war, all members of that alliance are at war.

You get an alliance chat channel in addition to the corporation one.

You get an additional level of contacts to set standings for, if you’ve run out of space for your personal and corporation standings.

It is possible to hold sovereignty over conquerable space.

You can, under some circumstances I do not remember, have a custom alliance logo by submitting it to CCP for inclusion in the game’s data set.

That’s about it as far as I can remember, unless you want to count the 2M isk per corporation bill that has to be paid each month by the executor corporation. There are no tax breaks per se, but in theory (and if I remember rightly) some of the sovereignty related structures could theoretically be beneficial to industry, though it is unlikely a single person could hold sovereignty and most would rely on established alliances to reliably provide these, and they would only be applicable in certain null sec systems that can be controlled by players.


One thing about being a corp in alliance: You lose a measure of your corp’s sovereignty to the alliance. You have to play by their rules all the time which may be different, even outright conflicting, with you’re corp’s rules.

And the alliance can kick your corp out of the alliance for the actions for just 1 player. Or, kick out one of your corp’s players for something and you have no control over it.



An Alliance LOGO of your own, of course!


Back in 2010 there were a few people that had alts that created alliances for people.

I still have an alt and myself that can create alliances. I use to do for no fee. Just the costs for creating the alliance was enough.

I think my alt bio still states can create alliances for you. :slight_smile: So if you want one reach out. Happy to help.

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This guy seems still active:

I’ve used his service (to max. out my corp member limit) back in the days:

Shriven Intaki
2017/05/02 00:32
2017/05/02 00:29

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