WTS Almost-80-Mil SP Revelation/Zirnitra Dread / Scanner Alt - t2 siege/guns

Hey all. So tools4eve shows this character as still being in corp but I assure you (you can check in-game) this character is in a newbie NPC corp as of the time of posting.


She also has 2 high level implant sets, shown below and both are in HIGH SEC.

She will have positive wallet and no assets to speak of (maybe some spare shuttles). She has no kill rights and no one has kill rights on her. She is located in a high sec NPC station.

She also has some nice standings in case that’s your fancy.

So let’s start the bidding at 60b. Please don’t send buyouts unless they’re ridiculously high, I’m going to let bids sit.

I will close the auction exactly 3 days after the last high bid made.

I will pay for the transfer and I am not using ISK - so the transaction should be very fast (CCP will still require the 10 hour cautionary time delay).

Good luck!

60b offer

Le Bumpe. Please check out my alt!

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Closed again - one Sales Thread per Character should be enough.