WTS Alt, 24m SP

Located in Jita
ISK Positive
No Kill Rights
Trade toon
Two Clones included

Kolf Ottig Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

I offer 18B, isk ready, can trade anytime.

18.5b offer

I’ll do 19b if it’ll get this done right now.

Avelarius, I accept your offer. Ready for ISK transfer.


Mieke, Offer accepted.


Here I am getting the isk together… poor form man.

Avel, my apologies. I didn’t get a response initially after accepting your offer or I would’ve waited for you to collect the ISK. I will sell you the Character for the agreed 19B. Awaiting your response. Signing off in one hour and moving on.

Confirm cancelling my offer.
Fly safe guys!

I will be on this evening!

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Ready with isk. Can you confirm winning bid is mine and that it is for 19b?

Avelarius has the winning bid for 19B.

Isk & account name sent!

ISK and account name received. Starting transfer process.

Character transfer started. Will complete on 6/17/2023 5:12:53 AM.

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