WTS Amarr/Caldari/Gallente carrier/super pilot (33m sp)

amarr and cal carrier 5, gal carrier 4. can use t2 light and heavy fighters. has a set of hg ascendancies plugged in

docked in ls
green wallet
no killrights
positive sec status
has standing for gal and min lvl 5 missions
300k sp unnallocated
asking for 30b b/o

offering 26b

27 bil b/o

28 bil b/o

I’ll take it at 30b

30.5 i can do

willing to do 31b

31.5 bil

instant buyout set to 34b. meet this amount i will accept and transfer immediately

deal ill take it

send it and account name and its yours

isk/mail sent

everything was ok except the name …didnt like that anyways

sorry. im honoring the 34b buyout.

character transfer initiated to bingqilin’s provided account name

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