WTS Amarr FW store ship BPCs, implants + others

Contact me if youre interested in orders for:

Imperial Navy Slicer BPC - 10 x 1 run 110m (11m/bpc)
Omen Navy Issue BPC - 10 x 1 run 480m (48m/bpc)
Augoror Navy Issue BPC - 10 x 1 run 480m (48m/bpc)
Harbinger Navy Issue BPC - 1 run = 110m

High-Grade Grail Alpha - 5 imp 110m (22m/imp)
High-Grade Grail Beta - 5 imp 125m (25m/imp)
High-Grade Grail Delta - 5 imp 245m (49m/imp)
High-Grade Grail Epsilon - 1 imp 80m
High-Grade Grail Gamma - 5 imp 200m (40m/imp)
High-Grade Grail Omega - 1 imp 120m

If youre interested in other FW Amarr Navy LP store items evemail me.

Im looking also for exchange of items like BPCs for something else you have for trade.

Have fun! o/

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