Looking to sell the following BPCs. Can deliver to Jita @ no additional charge.

Cruiser BPCs ( all max run 10/20 ME/TE) 400k each
Rupter x180
Blackbird x 109
Stabber x100
Scythe x 100
Caracal x35
Celestis x 28
Omen x 20
Bellicose x 13

Mobile Depot x 99 (max run me/te) 400k each

Obelisk 7/14 x4
Obelisk 8/12 x4
10m each

Please reply to this thread or mail me on this toon for contracts.

Thanks guys

Bump this to the top.

Bump to the top.

Starting to put some on contracts in Jita. Message me here or in my mailbox in game.


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