WTS Multiple BPCs

Looking to sell the following BPCs:

‘Peace’ Large Remote Armor Repairer - 3 runs

Polarized torpedo launcher - 3 runs

Trebuchet heat sink 3 runs

Natura warp core stabilizer

10 MN Analogue Booster Afterburner

Marketer tracking computer

Large Sheriff Shield Extender

High Grade Ascendancy Aplha blueprint

Polarized heavy assault missile x 5

Polarized 800mm cannon x3

Sansha medium pulse laser battery

Packrat mobile tractor unit

Polarzed mega pulse laser x3 (one 1 run, one 3 run, one 10 run BPC)

Asking 450m for the lot - prices based on current contracts in Jita. Willing to negotiate price, if you’re interested in any or all of these BPCs send me a message either on here or in game


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