Alocose Market (lots of different things available)

I will update this thread daily with new items and adjusting for any sold items. Feel free to make offers, everything is in the Jita 4-4 unless otherwise stated

Vehement BPC - 15b
Nyx BPO 8/10 - 23b
Keepstar BPC 9/8 - 9b
Rev Navy issue otsela NPC - 5b
Moros Navy issue Hallanen NPC - 5b
2X Unit F Burst Jammers - 1.4b Each
Unit w Burst Jammer - 6b
3X Draclira’s Modified Multispectrum Coating - 7b Each

I also have a large collection of abyssal warp scrams and abyssal small armor reps. If you are interested in any of those shoot me a mail with the desired stats and your budget.