Alocose Market Buying and Selling

Current Inventory:



I am also buying the following:

  • Super Capitals

  • Capitals

  • Officer Modules

  • Faction Fortizars

  • AT Ships

  • Faction Super Capitals

  • Faction capital/battleship/cruiser/frig BPC’s

  • Bulk Sales any item 2 Billion in Value and up

If you have anything that you are looking to sell please eve mail me what you have and what you are looking to get for it. I only buy supers in either Malia or Aunenen Public Keepstars.


Daily Bump:

Nyx Sold
Machariel BPC’s Sold

Inventory has been updated

Bump lots of abyssal mods and ship skins available also buying lots of stuff post here or mail me

mail sent

Daily Bump:

Marginis Fortizar added: Price: offer

Few more abyssal mods have sold inventory has been updated


Marginis Fortizar sold
one of the 1600MM Large Abyssal Plates have sold

Inventory has been updated

Daily Bump:

3X Apostle Skins SOLD
1X Avatar Skin SOLD
1X Lif Skin SOLD
2X Hel Skins SOLD

Daily bump almost all my inventory has been sold. I still have an extremely high quality abyssal scram for sale and the price has been reduced to 3.5 Billion ISK OBO. I am also buying all sorts of things that are listed in the original post.


Daily Bump

BUMP ALL INVENTORY SOLD! Still buying sell me your stuff

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