WTS Amarr Navy Ships

WTS Amarr Navy ships
Qty: 70 Battleships, 175 Battlecruisers, 360 cruisers, 480 destroyers and 1000+ frigates
Location: Jita/Amarr (Too many gankers in Jita/Amarr so deliveries may be 1 jump out at Ikuchi for Jita and Kor-Azor Prime for Amarr)
Price: (Depends on location)
At Jita
101% Jita 4-4 Split
100% Jita 4-4 Split (for bulk orders)
At Amarr
100% Jita 4-4 Split
99% Jita 4-4 Split (for bulk orders)
Bulk orders are defined as orders above 4B

Apocalypse Navy Issue
Armageddon Navy Issue
Harbinger Navy Issue
Prophecy Navy Issue
Omen Navy Issue
Augoror Navy Issue
Coercer Navy Issue
Imperial Navy Slicer
Crucifier Navy Issue
Magnate Navy Issue (My favorite)

If any alliance/corp wants their own golden fleet and is buying a lot (15B+), I will give additional discounts. Mail me ingame or contact me here whatever is your preference.

Thank you for reading

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