WTS Amarr Starter [5.2M]

Seems like there is a bit of a market for these, so…

…this pilot is for sale.


  • NPC corp, clean history
  • Sec status green
  • 250000 unallocated SP
  • Remap +1 bonus
  • Positive wallet
  • Docked in Amarr
  • All CCP rules apply

If there is any interest I would like to wrap up by 0000 UTC 04 August. I have long workdays so I don’t check in until late, unfortunately.

Thank you for reading.

3b b/o

4 bil b/o


4.2 bil

4,3 b

4.4 bil

4.9 bil

5 bil

Thank you for posting, everyone. @Seddow - if you are still interested, let me know that you’d like to proceed and we can close the sale.

Without further interest in the last high offer we can roll down to @XShadow4X_Coors. If you are still interested I can be online to complete the sale from approximately 2300-0300 or later on Saturday 04 August.

Thank you.

yeah let me get home and log in

i assume this concluded i was away for too long. retracted otherwise someone grab this up… Bump

4.5 bil

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