WTS: Anshar 8b in Villasen

Selling my Anshar which has been gathering dust for years and due to not having a cyno-alt anymore it’s ‘stuck’ in a low-sec station, therefore the price of 8b isk is reasonable. Trade by contract when interested.


I will take it, please contract to Alocose.

Contract is up, thanks!

Accepted, thank you

Would have bought it for 9b instantly :frowning:

Since you claim you would have “instantly” bought it for 9b ISK I set up a contract to you for 9b ISK. If you are a man of your word and accept it I will send the original poster an extra 500m ISK. But it seems to me that you are posting on a lot of peoples threads just trying to sabotage deals with no real intention to do business.

I’ll take one for 8.25b

If you want I sell you one for 9b in Jita lmao. Basically Villasen anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG, i am on a super retarded streak with this new account. Im to dumb to even check evepraisal right and im still used to the old prices where i got mine.

With the hope, that i start learning someday, i send you 100m ISK, because i really appreciate the offer.

This thread was a treat to read. ty for all involved :smiley:

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