WTS AT Ships

Chill Perni. There’s still a day left.

Wild, I sent you a mail asking if you’re willing to trade way earlier. If not, my offer for Chameleon for 300 B would be first. If not, that’s also fine I can bid more. Let me know if you would accept trade with other AT ships, PLEX etc or not.

Edit: Chameleon 305 B offer

update my fiend offer to 500b

270 Caedes

I’ll do 505 for the Fiend. It reflects my real personality.

Cham 307.5
Caedes 272.5

Both 580

ooooo OK, I’ll have a cambion as well.

Put me down for a Cambion at 2.5b above last bid.

This was a cringe free thread before, unfortunate.

510 fiend

Chameleon - 310

So why accept his bid, he gets to jump for 2.5 but I would need to increase by 5?

Cambion 350 (there’s two)
Caedes 275 (an increase of 2.5)

I saw it as I was making the edit. I will accept the 2.5 for now. If you would like to do a 2.5 in the essence of fairness. Just edit your post. As for the cambions there is currently a tie for the second one prior to the first one being overbid. I did not account for this. I am trying to figure out a way to solve this problem. For now I will send an eve-mail and post here after the end if there is a tie for the cambions to have a blind bid and the higher bidder will win the cambion. We will address that when we get to it.

Anything below this post must be 5 bil increase!

515 for the Fiend. Let a brother find his brother

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Fiend - 525 bil
Chameleon - 315 bil
Etana - 350 bil
Cambion - 355 bil ea
Caedes - 280 bil

Can you crawl back to your own den, we fiends need our fix.

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550 Fiend
360 Cambion
Happy Bidding!

600 fiend

400 cambion

300 caedes

380 etana

Chameleon 320 :face_holding_back_tears:

Just when you would think it cannot get more cringe some sleeper bidder outbids by 140b instead of 20b.

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lol what a troll

If the whaleshark doesnt come through, my offer stands. :heart_hands: