WTS Uniqs

offer your prices
Victor x3
Etana bpc
Rabisu bpc

Laelaps x1
Raiju x1

Tobias’ Modified Ballistic Control System x3

Hakim’s Modified Ballistic Control System x1

Estamel’s Modified Multispectral ECM x1

Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control x1

discord NOisER#5201


would you trade your fiend and camb for my moracha. maybe throw some isk in mix on my side?

Can you mail me a price for all of them together?

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it’s too overpriced fiend + cambion for moracha

upd. added Laelaps Raiju

350b for fiend

how much for the cambion?

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130bn for Raiju

Would also do 130 for 2nd raiju

400b for cambion

350b for fiend, 130b for raiju – too low

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mind sharing with us the price for fiend?

I want 450B

Mail me a price for chrem?

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Cambion sold
ship list is updated.

looking to buy the Laelaps for 200m, cash ready to go

still sale

Fiend and Raiju sold

Unit W-634’s Modified Damage Control
Unit P-343554’s Modified Damage Control
for sale

130 B for Virtuoso

interested in etana hull or bpc. what are you asking?

I want 350 for Etana

do you go for trades or its isk only?