WTS AT Ships

Please close .

Thank you

Nice collection!

wanna offer 400 for Fiend and 350 for Cambion

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410b fiend

415 fiend

420 Fiend :sweat_smile:

425 fiend

450b fiend

I’ll do 460

fiend bpc?

600b for Cambion & Caedes

Built fiend. 1 Jump from Jita

475b fiend

255b Caedes

250 Chameleon
480 Fiend

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ill take the cham and Caedes please, contract to me

Is this a combined bid only? If not the caedes has been up bid to 255. If youre still at 350 for cambion you are highest bidder.

Do you have discord? No, I’ll increase to 260 for Caedes too.

265b on Caedes

Chamelon and caedes for 550?

Or just 300 for Chamelon, but could you contract to please either way please :slight_smile: