WTS Cambion (Canceled)

I am looking to sell my Cambion. I will probably put it up on a public contract soon, but until that time I will take offers.

This should be considered my notice of intent to sell. So if you want a Cambion, start liquidation now!!!

That said, I reserve the right to accept an offer at any time.

What? :face_with_monocle:


155 bil

156 bils

160 bil


175 bil

180 bil

You need to sell your stuff so you can afford to buy my stuff :money_mouth_face:

ppl willing to pay for AT ships usual have enough cash to just do that :rofl:

This ship has existed for how many years? How many killmarks mate? Hopefully not nil.

AT 10 - so 2012. 30B or thereabouts I recall these changing hands for. :slight_smile:


I can tell you right now that these never changed hands for anywhere near that low a price, these have always been 150+

Your data is flawed.

I got it for about the price Rikki suggests, shortly after their release.

Well done did you ship spin for 6 years or do you have killmarks? Ill make an offer but I want kill marks

Cant get em yourself?

No killmarks

It’s in mint condition!

If you must ship spin, then do it with the right music.

I listen to this with closed sound cancelling headphones through an DAC. Volume up high so I cant hear wife nagging. Your welcome. Free bump ill consider


How much you want for this ship not worth much with no kms