WTS Cambion (Rare AT prize ship)

As title states I am wanting to sell a cambion AT prize ship. This is a very strong AF that takes after a Hawk. However it does the dps of a drake with twice the tank and speed of a hawk.

One thing that may not be known is the actual rarity of this ship. Approximately 25 of them are estimated to have been lost in the Somer Blink scam. Ill leave the link to that article in the post here. On top of that 6 have been lost in the Alliance Tournament. Two by yours truely.

https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/message/4933641/ - Somer Blink page

So with that being said I am selling this ship at a price that most people will laugh at and I wont be offended if you do as well. It is going to take a lot to convince me to let this ship go. However given the rarity of the ship and only 15-20 at most being left in existance, the sale price is 800 billion ISK.

Please understand that this is an intentionally high price. I am open to reasonable offers.

Thank you,


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One went unsold last week for 200 bil… lets try 800 bil… maybe trade 2 for big lynx’s Gvex

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That’s a DHB Wildcat price right there

one could say your posting is as good as your piloting

800 is reasonable. I have 2 cambions…very unicorn ships. Dont sell it.

Maybe it’s a special price because of a special seller.

Special alright.

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I can offer you a praxis in trade, considering they have been handed out a similar amount of times AND there have been more praxis than cambion deaths AND its a battleship, not a frigate, this should be a fair trade, yes?

Because it’s a DHB ship I can only assume he has stabbed a fair few people in the back to get it and/or cheated for it along the way so it’s tainted and as such will have a far lower value.

Neither was Somers AT ship collection banned… as a matter of fact, bluemelon was able to purchase Somers Imperial Armageddon after the ban hammer. Many of the unique assets were held on a neutral acct… (AT ships, T2 BPOs, Cap/Supercap BPOs, their few hundred Quafe Ultramarines, etc) See Abditus Cularius (sp?)…

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Yup - otherwise we would have a lot less etanas

Haha… PL couldn’t give away Etanas for 75 bil for the longest time.

If it is so great, how many killmarks you got in it? Nobody flys them on Tranq because they are rubbish.

I will offer you 100B same as whiptail but whiptail is better so I am crazy to do so

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