WTS Cambion

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Cambion Taking offers

Drake is nowdays king of the alliance tournament meta. This ship is Drake in frigate size. Alliance tournament 10 Prize ship Cambion is the ship you want when you want to have ehp of a battlecruiser with excellent dps to make sure your enemies melt when you are overheating everything. If you want this ship, throw the best offer you got, these are rare ships and not many are available for trades for realistic prices

Chremoas Sold!

This Alliance tournament XI prize ship is one of the meanest killing machines out there among all AT ships. With best pilots ranking almost 1000 kills with this one you can be sure this is the ship you want when going out there to hunt for kills. But with such eagerness to hunt also comes the price. With 13 hulls already lost in field of battle, it leaves only 37 hulls remaining in the universe. Pick yours now, before they are already rusting in pieces or sitting in someone elses hangar collecting dust!

Malice Sold!

This Alliance tournament IX prize ship is the ultimate tool to keep anything cap sensitive tackled on the tournament field. When tackling and capping out cap sensitive command ships or keeping enemy logi dry, this ship can decide are you going to win that match or not. With the new addition of assault damage controls being able to be fitted to this tough and powerful little ship, this may end up being integral part of the meta next year. Get yours now!

Whiptail Sold!

Do those nullsec ratters always get away as you are stuck in bubble before being able to warp to them? Doesn’t your interceptor have enough punch to solo pvp them? Here is solution for you. Alliance tournament XII prize ship Whiptail is combination of Worm and Crow that can fly through bubbles and wreck havoc among your enemies. Nullification and fast align means that you can be uncatchable with this beast (Unless Landing to Daredevil webs, flying directly to HIC scram or getting caught by NPC police). Even Zarvox can get kills with this ship!

Chameleon Sold!

This Alliance tournament XII prize ship is the dreaded archenemy of NCdot Alliance tournament team, costing them several bitter losses, even while using it themselves. If you have ever wanted to have unfair advantage over your enemy in the Alliance tournament or want to jam your enemies while roaming that they don’t even know which direction Jita is to get their new ship, then this is the ship for you. Just remember if your enemy complains about ECM, jam them first and kill them last.

Offers and questions can be posted to this thread in privately mailed to me.

200bil for the chremoas

205 bil chremoas


13 lost now

mail sent

210 Chremoas

211 Chremoas, 200 Chameleon

Remember that your Chremoas just went up in value today.

Current highest offers

Chremoas 211 Bil Charlie Turlock
Chameleon 200 Bil Charlie Turlock
Whiptail 120 Bil Private offer

Dark Magni: No Killmarks

Updated original post to reflect last nights events.

chremoas 215
chameleon 205

chremoas 220
chameleon 210

poor poor Whiptail no one likes it :disappointed_relieved:

240 chremoas

240 chameleon

Wondering if you are open to trades? with the +/- isk either way to fill the gap

No trades, only isk, thanks!

in game mail sent

Mail sent for 2 ships


Following are the current offers.

Chremoas 250 Bil Private offer
Chameleon 240 Bil Achura Deteis
Whiptail 120 Bil Private offer

Due to popular demand and recent events, Chremoas will remain for sale for 1 week more to see if anyone else outbids current private offer. After 1 week it will be sold to highest valid offer. Only public 10 bil increments are accounted to reduce offer spamming.

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