WTS Collection of Alliance Tournament Prize Ship

I am looking to sell off quite a few AT ships I have collected over the years!
I understand prices at the moment are quite high and variable however I am looking for fair offers on these ships.
The ships are in Jita, Amarr or lowsecs next to highsec. I can move them to the next-door higher if you’re not able to or scared.

9 Rabisu
6 Chameleon - 5 left
6 Malice - 5 left
4 Cambion
3 Fiend - 2 left (440bn for 1st)
4 Imp
3 Moracha - 1 left
5 Adrestia - 4 left 1 reserved
3 Vangel
1 Whiptail
1 Tiamat
2 Virtuoso
1 Etana
1 Mimir

This is a fairly useful collection for Tournament enthusiasts (should it continue) or collectors/pvper’s alike. Feel free to mail me your offers if you’d rather not post them here but I do not check my eve mails that often.
If you’d like to trade other assets for any of these, that can also be arranged. I am not interested in faction dreads or faxes, however Faction supers, titans, regular titans, supers or other fun things are welcome.

I have no interest in low bids from resellers or discussion on the prices, I understand we all have opinions but please keep to bids. Thank you!


i like this collection. please check your mails .

That’s a nice pile of ships you have there.

How much for a imp?

240b for a Cambion in Jita

prices on adestria and mimir ?

Mail sent

No thank you. Looking for more.

No thank you, no interest in acquiring more Chameleons

Looking for the 400 mark going by past posts.

@Shoot_U_LongTime Adrestia 480 area Mimir feel free to offer

Mails are bring replied to

Price on a malice?

Would you do 350? Cash on hand now.

how much are you looking for for the tiamat and one of the morachas?

400 for one moracha

Price for Imp?

Fiend + 150b for a Moracha?

135b for a Virtuoso?

Good Evening!

1 Adrestia possibly taken for a vanquisher + isk
2 Morachas have been sold (1 buyer for 1.15 trillion isk)
1 Chameleon sold (320)
1 Malice sold (270)
1 Fiend sold (440)

Rest are still for sale, i will update original post

Tried to convo you ingame, Fiend + 175b for the Moracha?

Trade a Vanq for a Imp ?