WTS AT ships

I am selling the following Alliance Tournament ships:

Adrestia x1 - 360B

Cybele x1 - entertaining offers above 290B

All ships are of course located in jita 4-4. Post or DM offers.

To the top. This is your chance to get a piece of goons!

Bringing this back up.

Bulk offer on composites?

Jita buy is my bulk offer for this.

Would you entertain an offer of 60 billion for one of the Draccous?

mail sent

I will not, the prices for the forts are fixed.

Back up top.

One Prometheus sold at 55b to an ingame offer, so no need to lowball any further.

returning this to the top

One more prometheus sold at 55b to an ingame offer

Still four faction fortizars available - these are in very limited supply so get yours before they’re gone!

I’m aware this might take a while to sell

Prime time

You know you want these competitively priced items.

These prices are set, so I’m ignoring poor in-game offers.

Still available!

The last Prometheus sold, only Draccous left now.

Get your own long station model.