WTS AT ships

These are still up for grabs. If you buy all three I can provide a discount.

Lil post crimbus bump

2024 bump

Hi Grarr, good luck with your sales.

Remember when I vouched you in Kumovi? Now you’re rich don’t forget your friends up in Fountain.

Also, free bump :slight_smile:

Hi Profit!

Also, I’m lowering the min price to 75b

I’ll offer 65 if you are interested.

I respect your minimum price and offer you a congenial lowball :disguised_face:

Added some skins for sale. Also still offering over 3 million Guidance Systems. Everything is in jita.

Still available!

still selling these.

Draccous Fortizars sold, added some new items.

Updated with another at cruiser.

bumping this

I’ve recorded both ingame and out of game offers for 400b on the Tiamat.


WTT komodo bpc for tiamat.

12b for the mordu pack

For one of each?

Tiamat is currently being held pending a sale. Still accepting offers on the Adrestia and Whiptail.

Tiamat sold. The other things are still available.