WTS AT Ships

Up for grabs

Moracha X2 700B

Geri X3 110B

Raiju X3 325B

Laelaps X4 425B

Imp X1 450B

Chameleon X2 325B

Shapash X3 125B

Cybele X2 260B

Will accept ISK and absolutely will not accept Plex only for this one.

Yes I know something you don’t, thanks for asking.

mail sent .

Noted, if no better offers for the Imp before the end of the week it’s yours

Mail sent

WTB Chameleon 300b

Raiju 280b
Laelaps 400b
Imp 450b
Cybele 260b

Contract them to me if you agree. I’ll accept when I get home.

Imp and Cybele contract up, will see if I get any better offers for the Raiju and Lael

Accepted. Thanks.

I’ll offer 610b for all 3 Raijus

Moracha 600

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I’ll take the Cybele for 260bil and 3 geris for 260 bil as well please contract them to me if you agree thanks.

Cybele please can accept now

feel like I got beat on the cybeles here but if one ends up falling through I’ll take it

please check email

wtb 2 laelaps mail sent

WTB 4 laelaps, mail sent :slight_smile:

Only sales of In-Game items for In-Game ISK are permitted in this forum. So Remove the Plex as acepptet Payment method or the Thread will be Closed.

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Wait what? Isn’t PLEX something CCP sells and is a tradeable item in-game for anything in-game including ISK?
Please clarify.

lmfao imagine being an ISD and not understanding Plex.


The rules on the pin do seem to indicate ISK only.