WTS ATXVIII Prize Ships - Bestla 170B - SOLD

Geri - 99bn - sold out
Bestla - 170bn - sold out

Get you’rs today!

Mail me ingame if you’re interested.

120b bestla

90B Geri offer

Ships are now live on TQ, get your’s today!

Sent you an in-game message.

If you’re taking PLEX, 20,000 PLEX bid

Hey, Thanks for the offer, but I’m only taking ISK.

friendly bump

Still for sale!

165 for bestla and 90 for geri

contract to me

Still more to sell

Still for sale

Got more Geri and Bestla for sale

Still got Geris and Bestlas for sale!

160b for a Bestla?

Still got stock, reach out to us

Friendly bump

85B for a Geri contact me in game if interested

90 bil geri

Bump and new lower prices

Geri - 99bn
Bestla - 170bn