WTS ATXVIII Prize Ships - Geri and Bestla

Second Place Baby, we had to leave ourselves something to achieve for next year right?

On Behalf of Odin’s Call, the AT XVIII Alliance Tournament Runners Up, I am officially opening up the pre-sales of this years ships, the Geri and Bestla.

We are excited to offer very competitive pricing, and as such expect to see many TQ enjoyers using these - with the frigate being the skynet gate campers dream, and cruiser being a very capable ESS Mark Bridges Roleplayer

Prices are as follows.
Geri - 110bn (16/04/2023 - Geri Currently Sold out)
Bestla - 185bn

Please contact one of these fine gentlemen to reserve yours today!

Phunkadin#7418 (Myself) Or Colonel Kurtz In-Game
Fallkan / Yokan#6356
Matti Kettu#2555

Thank you @ccp for continued support of AT and we can’t wait for next year.



I recognize this post :smiley:


Plagiarism was the word you were looking for. I did have to fix your grammar though sir, despicable.


Plagiarized so hard you wrote the wrong AT number… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol atleast you did not copy discord username

Any skin sets this time?

We will have skins available at a later date, CCP still to release the skins and confirm their details

Thx, I’ll be interested in a pack when they do release them

A Large volume of reservations taken over the last few days, first come, first served on the rest of our stock!

uf, little too much isks for a newcomer :-/

Don’t let your memes be dreams, get saving those pennies and you too could be as cool as us one day :sunglasses:

LoL who said you are cool … :stuck_out_tongue:

Another Bestla reservation has been made. Quickly running out of Bestla stocks.

Make yours asap and rob some ESS banks.

Further reservations taken yesterday, running particularly low on Bestla so don’t hesitate. First come, first served on our remaining ships!

Tried to contact you on discord. When i get home online ill try ingame. Looking for a geri

Thanks for getting in touch and reserving a Geri!

4 Bestla and a Geri Reserved yesterday, again it’s first come, first served so don’t hesitate if anyone else fancies adding one of these excellent ships to their hanger!

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Happy new year to you all, it’s a great year to invest in an alliance tournament ship! Data shows AT ships appreciate significantly after 12 months so don’t miss out!

Still a few of each available for sale, get in touch. Ships are due to be given to us imminently and we expect to sell out before they arrive so don’t miss out!

CCP has indicated a delivery date of the 14th of Feb, Only a few of each are left to sell. Get in touch!

CCP confirmed delivery on the 14th is happening. We’ve got a few Geri left and a handful of Bestla so don’t miss out!