WTS ATXVIII Prize Ships - Geri and Bestla

Back to back baby, no more second place

On Behalf of Truth. Honor. Light, the ATXVIII Alliance Tournament Winners, I am officially opening up the pre-sales of this years ships, the Geri and Bestla.

We are excited to offer very competitive pricing, and as such expect to see many TQ enjoyers using these - with the frigate being the skynet gate campers dream, and cruiser being a very capable ESS Mark Bridges Roleplayer

Prices are as follows.
Geri - 110bn
Bestla - 185bn

Please contact one of these fine gentleman to reserve yours today!

dexter xio#5179

Thank you @ccp for continued support of AT and we cant wait for next year.



I can give you 3.5 isk

ill fly both for 20 b
send isk to Baltrom

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50B for Geri

Any skin sets available?

We will be giving them all out to the team, so if really wanting poke any of the members directly

Bumpy, a few left! Get yourself that Christmas present that no one else can :slight_smile:

New year new ship :slight_smile: If you didn’t get that Christmas present you wanted, you can get it for yourself :slight_smile:

The ships should be finished up in the next week or so as well - ccp

How much for one of the Skins?

unfortunately we give out all our skins to members - the best way would be to contact one of them directly or just keep an eye on the market

CCP have stated February 14th as the release date. ( you know how that goes )

As of right now we have 2 geris and a few bestlas unclaimed, they are selling far faster than expected, reserve yours for that special day, today :slight_smile:

Bumpy, 1 Frig and a few cruisers left - 5 days till release :slight_smile:

Turns out CCP is CCP and have not followed through on their promise to give out prizes on the 14th - I apologize on their behalf - Will keep everyone updated

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What?! CCP changed their mind about something?! Blasphemy…

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I’d take a Frig if you still have any laying around.

Hoping to get my contract after downtime :slight_smile:

To Charles Dupont II ?

i am waiting too :smiley:

We are sold out of frigs, but if you are still wanting, here is one for PLEX which the proceeds will go to the horrible things happening in Turkey and Syria

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