WTS ATXVIII Prize Ships - Geri and Bestla

Back to back baby, no podium place!

On Behalf of Lock Range Enjoyers, the ATXVIII Alliance Tournament 5th Place Team, I am officially opening up the pre-sales of this years ships, the Geri and Bestla.

We are excited to offer very competitive pricing, and as such expect to see many TQ enjoyers using these - with the frigate being the skynet gate campers dream, and cruiser being a very capable ESS Mark Bridges Roleplayer

Prices are as follows.
Geri- sold out
Bestla - 180bn

Please contact one of these fine gentleman to reserve yours today!


Thank you @ccp for continued support of AT and we cant wait for next year.


Bump - OP RamJag (Sold out) and Mark Bridge Support Cruiser still for sale 180 lets go!