WTS ATXVIII Prize Ships - Geri and Bestla

I’ll take a Bestla.

Great news, I’ve dropped you an Eve Mail!

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Thank you. I’m awaiting your update on the 14th.

Offer revoked. Thank you.

Great news, an opportunity for someone else!

Ship still on track for issue tomorrow, last few up for grabs!

waiting for contract of frig :slight_smile:

We’ve not yet received the ships from CCP and are making inquiries!

nb thank you and keep me updated :slight_smile:

Apologies for the radio silence, CCP promised the ships on the 14th of Feb, nothing arrived and have now stated that the ships are not ready to distribute.

CCP has stated the next possible release date is Tuesday 21st of Feb but I am Highly sceptical that we will receive them on this date. I’d like to thank all those who have reserved a ship with us and I maintain the promise that we’ll get your ship/s to you as soon as we get them. You can follow the drama on the official Eve Online Discord within the at-general chat.

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and just like that, we have received our ships!

If you’ve reserved a ship, please check your contracts! If you’ve not received a contract, get in touch and we’ll sort you out!

Contract up to you!

Can I persuade you to take one after all, they’re ready to go!

All Geri now sold or reserved, I can still take reservations for Geri if you have cash waiting to go. First come, first served.

Still a few Bestla still for sale but selling fast!

Contract me the Geri once you have one thanks

I have one Geri remaining - first one with cash waiting gets it.
Still a few Bestla to sell - One sold today!

Still a few ships left, get em before they’re gone!

One Geri left, handful of Bestla. Get in touch!

We’re still out here slinging Bestla, a number have successfully sold through the Hypernet - you too could cash in on these very popular ships!

contract it ill take it for 90b

The guy you’re trying to sell it to for 95 bill already let me know, good effort. 110 is the price, no negotiations sadly.