[WTS] Avatar 72b Curse region[Closed]

(Puankar) #1


(Eye-Luv-Girls wDaddyIssues) #2

Do you have some flex on price?

(Puankar) #3

I don’t hurry at all, so at least for the first couple of weeks no.

(2V Pocket Miner) #4

Currently Avatars go for 70-74b in public keepstars in lowsec. Yours will fetch considerably less given the poor location. I’ll start with an offer of 60b.

(Puankar) #5

If someone wanna move it southern regions, it’s easier to do it from Curse. I consider your post as a bump.

(Eye-Luv-Girls wDaddyIssues) #6

I can bid 65B

(Puankar) #7

still selling.

(Puankar) #8

Still selling.

(system) #9

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