WTS Avatar + HEL

Hel travel t1 rig+ t2 fit 100k fuel basgerin keepstar 17.9
Hel t2 hypers 100k fuel basering keepstar 17.9
No ingame replies.


86b offer for those ships


@RiotRick_andmorty I’m interested in that avatar. Do you negotiate about pricing?

90b for the set.

62 b for the avatar (offer will expire 24 h from now)

63 for the avatar if you contract it to this toon.

64 b in 18 h

65 then, :smiley: contract me and it’s a deal

66 b/o contract me

no asnwers from the seller…

apologies , I couldnt reply for a while,
Avatar has been sold.
2 hel can be contracted .


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Ships sold, topic closed. cheers

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