Wts: sold

(Amelia Sturges) #1

Avatar - 64.85b SOLD
Hel - 17.899b w/ 2B in fighters and fuel SOLD
Ragnarok Hyper rigged - 63.39b (On public contract) SOLD

(Amelia Sturges) #2

Buy this weekend!

(Amelia Sturges) #3

Pulled off contracts and relisted at firesale prices. Hel is 16.5 and Tar 62

(Amelia Sturges) #4

Bump, Avatar sold

(Amelia Sturges) #5

Rag added

(Amelia Sturges) #6


(Luv2Club69) #7

can contract the hel to me. thanks.

retracted - sorry I missed that there are no rigs and many other for sale with rigs for a little more.


(Amelia Sturges) #8

Hel left

(Amelia Sturges) #9

Hel is being sold with 2b in fighters. About, 1b-2 in savings if you buy, split and resell

(system) #10

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