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(Angelica Merkel) #1

As title says i have for sale:

1x Avatar hull +3x T2 Trimarks + T2 Travel fit with DD, cloak and JP, 100k fuel, some stront and LO also in fuel bay. (73b)

[SOLD] 1x Hel hull + 3x T2 Hyperspatuials rigs, T2 travel fit with cloak, 80k fuel in tank. (19,5b) [SOLD]

Please also send me a mail inbox so i notice quicker.

(CynoBiash) #2

Contract the Hel to me for 18 5b and it’s a deal :wink:

(Angelica Merkel) #3

bumpidy bump

(Angelica Merkel) #4

Hel sold, Avatar still for sale

(Angelica Merkel) #5

Avatar still avaliable

(Angelica Merkel) #6

Get your shiny avatar!

(Darth Xiphos) #7

interested in the avatar, hit me up please or just contract it :smiley:

(system) #8

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