WTS - Avatar Hull in Misaba

(Gogo Speedrac3r) #1

Have an Avatar Hull in Misaba NPC Station, looking for 71b Isk.

(Gogo Speedrac3r) #2

Up we go! One guy says interested but has not claimed contract, if someone says they want it first you got it!

(Gogo Speedrac3r) #3

Up again. Still available.

(Gogo Speedrac3r) #4

Still for sale, few lowball offers but nothing worth taking yet!

(Deeep Diver) #5

Would you consider 65 ?

(Gogo Speedrac3r) #6

No to low. Go a bit higher and we can probably workout a deal though :slight_smile:

(Deeep Diver) #7

I am really at the limit …with 65. I am not rich …I actually have to sell some other stuff to get 65 , so that is all I can do . If you are ok with that , I will be glad to buy it from you !!

(Admiral Mason) #8

That isn’t his problem.

(Atridies) #9

I’d go 67.5 on the Avatar, private to me if this is acceptable!


(Gogo Speedrac3r) #10


(system) #11

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