[WTS] - Avatar & Revelation PERFECT character

I’ll raise to 60 bil bid, but you ain’t gonna get 1b per 1m sp if that’s what you’re aiming for tbh. Cheaper to inject at that point

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Do you accept dance battles as payment?

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I’ll raise to 63 bil. 24 hour offer

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I’m not entertaining any lowball offers, i’ll know the right offer when it comes.

You’ve been trying to sell since Feb, with some very generous offers prior to mine. You’re not getting 1 bil per 1 mil sp, and you’re surely not getting over that ratio. Wish you luck, bid withdrawn

Like I said, I won’t be entertaining any lowball bids. I couldn’t care less about your valuation. When the right offer comes i’ll accept, until then i’ll continue using the character.

When the right offer comes i’ll accept.

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5 bil!

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When do you plan to place your character in an NPC corp, as per the character bazaar rules?

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Bumpington for a nice toon. Good luck.