WTS Avatar/Super/Dread/JF pilot wih 119M - SOLD

I am for sale, 119M SP

  • Min. 90B bid
  • Security Status 5.0
  • JF Rhea, L5 JDC, JDO, JFC, Cynos, JF
  • Transport Ships (Caldari, Gallente Racial)
  • Titan Pilot (Avatar)
  • Dreadsnought (Revelation)
  • Superpilot (Nyx)

Given your starting bid, could you clarify why your 120m sp is worth 10b more than the three 140-150m sp chars currently on here?

Or nearest offer… I assume 1M SP equivalent to 1B… so I assume wrong then…

Any Offer …


Too low… expecting 80-90Bil… will wait for some more offer. Thanks

Still waiting for more offers…


Daily Bump

Bumpy hour …


Offer accepted. Please transfer isk and evemail me the account name pls. Thanks

Tyty, isk and info sent via Mail

Isk received. Account transfer initiated. Thanks.