WTS Avatar

Location MJ- (nullsec)
price → 180B
Will also trade for 2 nyx plus isk in MJ


180… for real?

is there a problem? It’s perfectly reasonable with other contracts

135B offer

no point in offering if its 45 below

im not selling so you can resell it

I’ll do 140

So you have a titan in a bad location that you want to sell and your prerequisit for selling is that it can’t be resold?..

Bad location? It’s horde staging, is getting an alt in horde so hard? lmao im not changing price

Going to pass. Thank you.

Nobody wants to put a titan pilot in phorde to get an avatar thats priced tens of billions over lowsec lol

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Starting to think this is a meme thread :aussiereversecongaparrot:

“tens of billions” yeah ok buddy. theres 1 titan thats even over 5B difference. bye bye resellers it aint happening

Just because something is sitting on contracts for months doesn’t make it the actual trading price.
Anyways gl with your overpriced titan

I see a thread for the ages.

waaaah u cant resell waaaah

141b offer

Waaahh you have no idea what things actually trade for :clown_face:

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what the price going for now ?