WTS Barrage M BPO || T2 bpo

WTS Barrage M Blueprint … looking for offers above 98bil || buy out at 110bil

Nice BPO! I particularly like that we just watched you buy this for 85b yesterday.

man’s hustling

That was me who bought it. This guy is not me.

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tl;dr; who cares if it is your alt or not; let the market decide if this is a good flip; I wish you good luck and high profit!

Technically it is a different character.

Technically, the Barrage M on the contracts is also offered by another character. It just happen that this character is with you in a 12 man corp. What are the odds that you both have Barrage M bpo?! … or maybe you sold it to Nico Pato. And now Nico is trying to sell it for 115b.

At the same time someone else decided to sell theirs Barrage M bpo for 110b. Both sales offers popped within hours from each other. Just hours after you bought one. Barrage M bpo market is hot these days :slight_smile:

I need to check if I have one stashed somewhere too.

All in all, odds are not in your favor. In addition, there weren’t that many Barrage M prints on sale forum in the last 5 years (likely 2 or 3 if the one sold by Kyoko wasn’t later sold to Dark or Lady).

Yet again, it does not matter. If you sell it, you made a great deal. If not, you still have nice t2 bpo => in rust we trust!


ps. If it is not you, why do you even care to make the story straight? How do you know it’s a guy?

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damn man, was just saying the guy selling here isnt me lol.

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I believe you.

Apologies for being a bit salty… it’s probably because I missed the Barrage M train.

I wish you both all the best with selling these.

I remember when people laughed from infamous hail s bpo price… well I wish I bought it back then. Soon I may wish I bought Barrage M back when it was still affordable.

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Yea, im sure a lot of us have those stories of XYZ print we could have bought for 10b back in the day… then it seemed like a crazy stupid high price, now look at them =]

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