WTS Best pilot 57 kk Sp

Security status 5
no killrights
wallet is positive.
35b starting price


35b available now

44 bil here

Good price

so you sell this character to me?

I apologize, I will probably wait another hour 4
If there is no better offer, I will sell it to you.

going to bed now.

You have a good price, but still I hope someone can offer the best price.
good night
when you wake up, go to this topic

bet accepted
no one offered anymore

will transfer after work

When should I wait for you?

about 5 hours

45 b

I have already accepted the bid

Give me some time to prepare

What are you about?? I accepted another person’s bet


did send you an ingame mail

isk and info sent

Give me 15 minutes to pay for the transfer