WTS Bestla & Raiju

Bestla - 180b Or best offer

Raiju - 325b or best offer


Fits also for sale.

Bestla fit available upon request, it cost me around 15 bill to put together, available for 10b

Raiju fit is GOD TIER, litterally the best Riaju fit possible in the game, it cost me around 40b to put together and I will sell it for 25 bill.

250b Raiju

170b Bestla

270b Raiju

285 raiju

300b raiju

can send me an ingame mail with the raiju fit (and abyssals)? if its decent i’ll take it.

kind regards

you have IG contact set to auto decline

Contract it to me instead :wink: I will accept it.

Contract up

current in game offer of 310 for Raiju

Bestla Sold, Raiju still up for grabs

Bump it turns out Grarr Dexx will NOT accept it, so Raiju still for sale :slight_smile:

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Whats bid?

they are sold

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