WTS Tournament ship (Raiju/Bestla)

Accepting offers for both:
Current offer:
Raiju - 285b
Bestla - 167b

Raiju - 300b
Bestla - 300b

160 bill for the bestla 250 for the raiju

255 for the raiju

260 bill fo the raiju

261 for the raiju

265b. Raiju


270b Raiju

275 billion



285 bill

Youre the highest bid, got someone waiting atm for a different offer. If you can accept in ~2hrs its yours.

161b for bestla

Could you confirm what the Raiju is currently bid at?

162 bestla

165 Betsla

285 Raiju

Raiju sold
Bestla remains.

167B for Bestla.

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